Get a Clean Home without Bleach

I’m loving my Shaklee cleaning products so much! They are way more affordable than the standard non-toxic cleaning products. They even help me get a clean home without bleach. You heard me right, Shaklee cleaning products are better than chlorine bleach. I get to enjoy a clean home and I don’t have to deal with chemical scents!

But I’m about to tell you a secret. I had a stain on white ceramic tile. And scrubbing with my Basic H2 all-purpose cleaner wasn’t cutting it. Even undiluted.

Wait a Minute…Isn’t This About Getting a Clean Home Without Bleach?

It doesn’t make sense, but I broke out the bleach. Yes, I hate to admit there was a small amount of bleach in the garage. But I’m going to blame that on my husband (hopefully he won’t read this). I should have known not to look, but I was determined in that very moment to get that spot removed.

Let me go on a quick rant, folks. Bleach does have its place. But that is some dangerous stuff! You don’t want it in your home. In fact, the CDC has a helpful page that explains how dangerous chlorine (the active ingredient in bleach) can be. Please be careful using bleach!

So want to know what happened? I got a headache and the spot was still there. Even just that small amount of exposure to bleach led to a headache that lasted for the rest of the day. I knew better — we all slip from time to time. But then I got smart again and mixed a paste with my Shaklee dish detergent and baking soda. And guess what… Yep you got it! The stain is gone!

Ok, I got it now. Lesson learned. No more bleach. I’m sticking with what really works: Shaklee and all-natural products. Considering the health benefits, value and effectiveness, they really are better than bleach, folks.