Spring Cleaning Health Tips

Spring is here, that time of year. That time of year … for what? You know cleaning out and clearing out. Spring cleaning! Detox! As a building biologist, I have spoken much about cleaning up your home environment. A good cleaning of your home in the spring is therapeutic. But in this post I want to discuss detoxing your body. Are you giving your body a cleaning out at regular intervals? Taking care of yourself benefits everyone around you. On the heels of National Nutrition Month we would like to offer this set of spring cleaning health tips you can follow to detox your body.

Kick Off Spring Right with these Spring Cleaning Health Tips

1. Start your mornings with lemon water.

Drinking lemon water early stimulates the liver so your body can flush out toxins.

2. Juicing.

Get a green juice each day. Just make sure to limit the sugar to little or none. You might even want to take the plunge and do a juice cleanse. It’s alkalizing and nutritious for your body!

3. Blender meals.

Do you know how much nutrition you can pack into a blender then drink or eat as soup? It would be impossible in most cases to eat this much. Try to do one blender meal a day. You might enjoy this recipe for a yummy and raw blender soup. (source: http://www.freshandnaturalfoods.com/recipe/creamy-kale-avocado-soup/)

4. Bone broth.

Bone broth is a great way to help heal and repair your digestive track.

5. Probiotics.

I can’t say enough about these powerful little guys! With so many toxins in the world to deal with everyday that are upsetting gut balance, probiotics will not only help repair the gut but also aids in eliminating toxins. From time to time try your hand at making your own probiotic beverages, kefir, or even cultured vegetables. Bodyecology.com is a good resource.

6. Alkalizing and detoxing supplements.

Supplements such as Amazing Grass Greens Powder and Daily Detox are both great, and I try to do one scoop of each per day on most days.

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7. Sauna.

The power of heat is ancient. It’s not only stimulating to your metabolism, it also soothes the nervous system and detoxifies the body. With deep heating of the muscle and fat tissue, metabolic and stored toxins are released to be metabolized by the liver and ultimately excreted by way of sweat glands and urine, all while enjoying the relaxation of a sauna. Infrared sauna takes this further because the heat penetrates deeply. Infrared sauna users also enjoy benefits of reduced cellulite, reduction of muscular pain and arthritic inflammation, deeper sleep, and skin rejuvenation. Learn more about Clearlight Saunas, the best of the best in saunas which are also low in electromagnetic radiation.

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8. And finally, limit sugar, coffee, processed foods, unhealthy and white carbs, red meat, and alcohol.

This might be the least popular tip. I know, I love wine too! But we all need to put things into perspective and make good decisions for our health. Make sure you aren’t canceling out all the other benefits by binging on things that are unhealthy.

Results always vary, but I believe taking action on these tips will increase your health and wellness. Are you a fan of any of these tips? Maybe you own a ClearLight Sauna. Share your experience in the comments!