Do You Really Need Water Purification?

Do You Really Need Water Purification?

Did you know the toxins in water could be destroying your health?

Do You Really Need Water Purification?Do you really need water purification? Should you even be thinking about it? If you haven’t considered water purification in the past, I hope you will after learning about all the toxins and chemicals that are added to your water, something so vitally important that most would die in a mere three days without it. Water treatment plants are not intended for purification; instead, powerful (and very dangerous) chemicals are added to disinfect the water. Read on.

In addition to industrial chemicals, things like heavy metals, chlorine, trace levels of heart medication, pain relievers, anti-convulsants, and other pharmaceuticals have been detected in drinking water across the United States. And it’s widespread that fluoride, an active ingredient in rat poison (yes, you heard that correctly), is added to water to protect against tooth decay. Sadly, proven research shows that fluoride works topically, not systemically. Even though tooth decay has decreased in the last 50 years, tooth decay has also decreased in countries where fluoride is not added to water. Fluoride is known to cause harm to brains in the way of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and lowered IQ. This damage is often untreatable and permanent.

Sure, tap water tastes okay in most cases, but research indicates there are over 500 different types of toxic chemicals in the U.S. water supply at any given time. Increasingly, common toxins in water include MTBE, a gasoline additive and perchlorate, a chemical found in both fertilizers and explosives. Perchlorate is particularly harmful to the thyroid of children and affects brain development. Chlorine, the disinfectant of choice for treatment facilities, is linked to cancer and heart disease among other illnesses. The crazy news is: it creates far more toxins than it eliminates, specifically trihalomethanes (THM’s), which increase bladder and colorectal cancer.

The things added to and found in water will weaken your immune system at minimum, and in addition to the above health effects, it can interfere with your nervous system and damage your cardiovascular and renal systems. We could go on but I think you get the message. The answer is yes, you really need water purification. It is definitely a necessity … if you want to live healthy, that is.

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