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Chlorine Alternatives: Sanitize Without Toxic Chemicals

Looking for Chlorine Alternatives to Disinfect Your Pool? Read On! We dealt with water filtration and purity in our last post. This time, we’re going to tackle chlorine alternatives. Water is vital for life, and it’s important that it be as pure as possible. Hopefully uou have some sort of filtration system in place. If […]

Clear and Clean: An Overview of Residential and Commercial Water Filtration

Water Filtration is Necessary for Clean Water “It is estimated that there are over 85,000 possible contaminants in the water supply. Of these thousands of contaminants, water municipalities test for only roughly 120.” ~ Article in Healing Our World, a publication by the Hippocrates Health Institute We’re talking about clean water. H2O. Pure aqua. It’s […]

Healthy Home Lighting Makes a Difference in Your Home

Lighting in your home can affect your health. Do you ever think about lighting and how it affects your health? Not only is lighting extremely important in creating a particular atmosphere, but it is also affecting your health. Most people know that healthy home lighting can affect melatonin levels and sleep, but did you know […]

7 Ways to Create a Healthier Office Environment

We are a little obsessed at the moment with creating a healthier office environment. Yes, its true: We’re obsessed with offices. In fact, so excited we can barely stand it. Did you know health is no longer something you pursue before or after work? That’s right, health can be obtained while you work. Are we […]