Assessments and Renovations for the Home

How Vital Spaces can address EMR in homes

Vital Spaces uses the most advanced meters to detect electromagnetic fields in offices and buildings. Building Biology focuses on sleeping areas since the body is in healing mode while sleeping and is 10-100 times more susceptible during sleep. If you work at home, we also want to pay special attention to those areas. There are ways to reduce this burden on the body depending on the specific area of concern whether it be high electric fields, high magnetic fields, or high radio frequency.

Air Quality improvement in homes

Given the fact that air quality indoors is, on average, 5-10 times more polluted than outside, improving air quality is something Vital Spaces takes seriously. Specialized equipment is used to detect problems ranging from mold, formaldehyde, particulates, and VOC’s. Much can be done to reduce these issues. Of course if there is mold, that needs to be mitigated first and foremost. Then, depending on the problem, enhanced air filtration and other measures can be taken to clean up the air.

Water filtration in homes

The goal of a water treatment plan is disinfection, not purification. That being the case, toxic and harmful chemicals are added to “clean” water that could have already been loaded with with heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides. All water purification is not created equal and your water purification system should be created around the issues in your municipal water. It is best to implement a point of entry water filtration system based on the area the home is located but even localized filtration is better than none. Vital Spaces will make recommendations for the best water filtration for your home.

Real estate selection assistance

Want to be sure the house you intend to buy is safe and healthy? Vital Spaces can help decide if the home of your dreams meets all your expectations.

Nursery / Childs Room

The immune system and bone structure of babies and children are not fully developed. And, as heavier breathers than adults, they take in more of the surrounding toxins. Let Vital Spaces ensure you are creating the healthiest room for your son or daughter through finish products, furnishings, and fabrics. We will also make recommendations about products and ways to be sure your child has the best possible start.

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