Assessments and Renovations for the Office

How VS can address EMR in offices

Vital Spaces uses the most advanced meters to detect electromagnetic fields in offices and buildings. Many people spend hours at work and in buildings with a highly toxic EMR environment and there are many things one can do to resolve this problem, such as using grounded plugs and hardwiring the wifi, and using shielded cords.

Air Quality improvement in offices

Given the fact that air quality indoors is, on average, 5-10 times more polluted than outside, improving air quality is something Vital Spaces takes seriously. Specialized equipment is used to detect problems ranging from mold, formaldehyde, particulates, and VOC’s. Much can be done to reduce these issues. Of course if there is mold, that needs to be mitigated first and foremost. Then, depending on the problem, enhanced air filtration and other measures can be taken to clean up the air.

Water filtration in offices

The goal of a water treatment plan is disinfection, not purification. That being the case, toxic and harmful chemicals are added to “clean” water that could have already been loaded with heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides. All water purification is not created equal and your water purification system should be created around the issues in your municipal water. Vital Spaces can help you get the purification needed to ensure healthy water in your office.

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