Healthy Building Consulting

Site Selection

Vital Spaces assists in property selection to ensure the area is conducive to being certified as a Healthy Building. Ensuring the absence of pollution in the area and assessing the area for background electromagnetic radiation will set the stage for a deliberative and thoughtful building project.

Air Quality

Vital Spaces creates a comprehensive plan to create healthy healing air quality.
Vital Spaces reviews the project specifications for all building materials and interior finishes, and recommends alternate options which are green, sustainable, and healthy. These products are lower in toxins, volatile organic compounds, and result in less off-gassing.
Vital Spaces reviews the HVAC system and recommends possible options for improved filtration for VOC’s and particulates (particulates can include viruses, bacteria, and smoke as well as larger particles such as pollen, dust, etc).

Water Quality

It is best to implement a point of entry water filtration system based on the area the building is located but even localized filtration is better than none. Vital Spaces makes recommendations for the best water filtration for this project.

Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic radiation consists of electric fields (caused by voltage), magnetic fields (caused by current and many times faulty wiring), and radio frequency (communication signals such as wifi, radio, Bluetooth, towers, antennae’s, etc). All of these fields are linked to health issues. This includes working with the electrical contractor to explain goals and methods of proper wiring to avoid these fields.


Vital Spaces coordinates with the owner, builder, architect, engineer, and sub-contractors necessary to facilitate each project. Vital Spaces owner Angela Self attends meetings and provides education sessions as needed before and during the project.

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