Effective project management is something that is crucial to any large project. We love seeing your vision come to life!  We will act as your liaison to ensure all aspects of your project are managed in the best interest of your company.

Vital Spaces can manage your project oversee the following steps:

  1. Identify a qualified team which could include:
    • Architect/Engineer
    • Contractors and Sub-contractors as needed
    • Furniture/Office set up
    • Information Technology
    • Phone and Data
    • Audio/Visual
    • Security
    • Acoustics
    • Signage
    • Moving
  2. Oversee the project from start to finish along with coordinating all parties (broker, owner/landlord, contractors, design team, and vendors) and steps to best represent the goals of your project.  Vital Spaces will address all details and fully manage each phase;
  3. Make recommendations, obtain quotes, review and compare vendors, firms, contractors, etc;
  4. Move the project along to stay on schedule and within budget.

Are you interested in how our project management service can help make sure your project is successful? Contact Us Today