Get Better Sleep! 5 Ways to Create a Sleeping Sanctuary

Ahhhhhh … we love the holidays! But they can be exhausting.

Get Better Sleep! Here are 5 Ways to Create Sleeping SanctuaryDo you wish you could have better sleep? Do you need some rest? Likely. Or are you one of the millions of people who suffer from insomnia?

Tip: Ensure your bedroom is the safest and healthiest place in your home.

Did you know your body is in healing mode while you sleep? And, the human body is five to ten times more susceptible to toxins while sleeping? Getting better sleep can make the difference between being healthy and being ill.

Even if you can’t make the rest of your home healthy, you owe it to yourself to create a sleeping sanctuary. Better sleep matters. If you can get the proper healing while you rest, your body is much better able to take on the stress and toxins of your daytime schedule.

So here we go. Here are five tips you can use to transform your bedroom into a sleeping sanctuary.

  1. Non-Toxic Bedding. One of the best things you can do for better sleep is use organic sheets and blankets. And of course be sure you launder them in non-toxic detergent regularly and with heat to destroy dust mites and bed bugs. Keeping your home at 40-60% humidity will also keep these little pests at bay. But be aware that humidity over 60% encourages mold growth. Ideally your mattress should be all-natural as well. We love our organic latex (made from a rubber tree) mattress. And finally, do not use a metal bed, as it will conduct electricity. More on electromagnetic radiation later.
  2. Screens. We are sure you have heard this before but please do not use computers or other electronics in the bedroom. Research shows the blue light emitted by screens suppress production of melatonin. Additionally, they keep your brain alert when it needs to begin relaxing.
  3. Toxins. Be sure no product or building material used in the bedroom will off gas or increase toxins. Remove carpet (use area rugs if necessary) and use natural flooring such as bamboo that does not utilize toxic sealing or adhesives. A floating or nail-down floor is best. Any other paints, sealers, or caulks should be non-toxic. Additionally, remove any clutter so dust does not accumulate.
  4. Ventilation. Open a window! If you can, getting fresh air while you sleep will improve air quality and hence improve sleep. This may not be possible in cities with lots of noise or pollution.
  5. Electromagnetic Radiation. Finally, and our favorite: electromagnetic radiation (EMR). All forms of electromagnetic radiation are linked to insomnia. Cut the circuit to your bedroom or at least unplug anything around your head and use a battery alarm clock to reduce electric fields. Eliminate or shield radio frequency: cut off wifi while sleeping, remove cordless phones, cell phones and any wireless devices from the bedroom. If you live near a cell tower, you can use certain types of paint to shield your bedroom or any other room in your house from cell tower energy. You also want to be sure your electric meter or any big appliance such as a refrigerator is not near the bedroom.

Do you want to see how close you are to a cell tower? Check the website to see. It’s best to be more than a quarter mile from an antenna or tower.

If you apply these tips and experience better sleep, would you let us know? And as always, if you need professional help, we would be glad to connect with you and help you create your very own sleeping sanctuary. Send a quick message online or call at 864.980.3341. We would love to know how things are working for you!

Sweet Dreams!

7 Ways to Create a Healthier Office Environment

We are a little obsessed at the moment with creating a healthier office environment.

7-ways-create-healthier-office-environmentYes, its true: We’re obsessed with offices. In fact, so excited we can barely stand it. Did you know health is no longer something you pursue before or after work? That’s right, health can be obtained while you work. Are we loving the relationship between building biology and workplaces? You bet we are. It’s like getting married, except the marriage is between work and health. And the great news is, more research is being done to show the relationship between buildings and health (check out McGraw Hill Construction’s Smart Market report on how buildings affect health). If you are interested in higher productivity and employee satisfaction while reducing sick days, keep reading.

Lets talk about all the ways to make an office or workplace healthy.

Air Quality

healthy-office-air-quality-fanWhether it’s new construction or renovation, you can ensure all the building materials and products used will not “toxify” the environment with a lot of off-gassing. In many situations an air flush (forcing air through a new construction building prior to occupancy) could be beneficial. And while we are on products, cleaning products will inhibit good air quality faster than most anything else. So once you make it healthy, don’t ruin it with unhealthy cleaning products. The healthy ones are everywhere, so that’s easy. Let’s also ensure there is not only a smoking ban inside, but one outside as well. Throw in some upgraded air filtration (or at least an individual unit in areas where there are machines like copiers which pollute the air), and your air will be much cleaner. A recent Harvard study showed that cognitive function and response rates are much increased with improved air quality.


healthy-office-pure-waterThe stuff is necessary for life. Research shows we humans still aren’t drinking enough of it; and particularly enough clean and healthy water. Research also shows people will drink more water if its easily accessed. Solution: place healthy filtered water stations at regular intervals.




healthy-office-lightingDid you know lighting is one of the biggest ways your circadian system is regulated? The circadian rhythm is the biological mechanism for regulating the cycle of sleep and activity. Proper lighting, glare control, and exposure to daylight can dramatically influence eyestrain and productivity. It will also decrease eye related health issues such as headaches.




healthy-office-fitness-take-the-stairsExercise at work? Yep, you heard that right. We love incorporating walking and cycling desks. Why not burn more than three times the calories of sitting? Even a standing desk is better than sitting all day. Or, go ahead, ride your bike to work. Many offices are equipped with showers and bike racks. Maybe you are lucky and there is a gym in the office so you can grab a workout during lunch. Yoga classes onsite? Sure, healthy employees are more productive employees. If the above options are not present, at least take the stairs. Six flights a day is enough to offset the average annual weight gain.

Electromagnetic Radiation

healthy-office-hard-wired-networkAdmittedly, this is a little more difficult to control with the demand of WiFi and other technologies. However, you can ensure workers are as far away as possible from routers and offices are not located adjacent to mechanical rooms. And did you know, a hard-wired system is more reliable for that super jazzed up conference room you use to impress your clients?




healthy-office-collaboration-teamWork spaces are opened up. Gone are the days of the private office. Collaboration is key so work spaces are designed with more comfortable groupings to encourage teamwork. This is fantastic because we all know teamwork creates success and mental stimulation. Remember, the healthiest happiest societies are those where people are more (and more often) relational. You need a minute to revitalize? No problem, lets incorporate a meditation room. 15 minutes and you are nearly as good as new. Many offices also offer seminars about sleep support, stress management, or nutrition.



healthy-office-food-strawberriesAre there onsite food options? Perfect! But lets be sure vending machines are free and clear of unhealthy items and plenty of fruits and veggies are accessible. Maybe there is a coffee bar. We suggest offering hot tea and healthy juices as a complement to the typical coffee with cream and sugar.



Ahhhhhhhh… so many fun ways to make an office healthier. Are you trying to recruit the best talent or the next generation of workers? A more collaborative, healthier office could be a key component. And why wait? In the future this will be the norm. Work, home, play, live — the lines are getting blurry. And that is music to our ears.